New Tyres

Grab some new tyres from our Christchurch auto shop

Backed by years of experience, dedication and industry expertise, the team at Roadrubber Tyres know how to help you get the best out of your car. The tyres on your car are an essential part of your automotive experience, delivering safety, traction and performance to your ride. We offer a series of brand new tyres for as little as $65, which includes a fitting and balancing. Grab this great deal today from the team at Roadrubber Tyres!

In-depth inspections

When you think you need new tyres for your car, head on down to our Christchurch auto shop. We can provide a wide range of automotive services, including inspections, to help you ascertain whether you need new tyres on your car. Our experienced team of automotive experts can pick out the key features of worn out old tyres. Once we have found the faults and determined your old tyres as unsafe or unfit for the road, our team can remove and replace your tyres with brand new ones, for as little as $65, which includes a fitting and balancing. 

We offer general purpose new tyres which range from budget to mid-range. Plus, we offer two premium brands in our new tyre range: Firestone and Supercat. These two household names will deliver unparalleled performance and safety while on the road. 
Wide range of tyre
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