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Leading Brand New Tyres For Sale in Christchurch

Grab some new car tyres from the team at Roadrubber tyres in Christchurch. We’ve got years of experience and industry expertise to offer you dedicated advice when it comes to new tyres for sale in Christchurch. Our focus is on affordable tyres that help you to get the best out of your car. We all know that tyres are an essential part of a vehicle functioning successfully on the roads.

Delivering fully on safety, traction, and performance ought to be your biggest priorities when searching to buy new tyres in Christchurch. Value for money also factors in, where Roadrubber tyres are proud to offer a series of brands new tyres for as little as $65, including fitting and balancing. It’s a great deal and a great time to get yourself sorted with new car tyres. 

Find The best Quality, affordable tyres for your vehicle

From our broad array of new car tyres available, the friendly team at Roadrubber tyres are bound to be able to find you the best quality affordable tyres for your vehicle. We pride ourselves on taking in-depth inspections performed by our licensed professionals to ascertain whether you need new car tyres. At our tyre shop in Christchurch, we will show you how to spot the key features of worn out old tyres. Finding fault with tyres means they need replacing, as they are no longer safe or roadworthy.

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Not to worry, it’s better to be safe than sorry as Roadrubber have got affordable tyre solutions for you and your vehicle.