Affordable Second Hand Tyres in Christchurch

Roadrubber has plenty of second hand tyres in Christchurch ready and waiting to be matched with your vehicle to gain a new lease of life. For cheap used car tyres, you still want to be sure that what you’re getting is actually value for money. Luckily, the team of qualified professionals at Roadrubber tyres take quality and safety into their highest consideration when making our selection of used car tyres for sale.

Used Tyres with
Guaranteed Safety

Our range of used tyres are all checked, double checked and triple checked for safety and reliability before they’re even considered for installation on any vehicle. The experienced automotive experts at Roadrubber Tyres know all the signs of wear, tear and baldness on tyres, and will actively seek out and dispose of any tyres that don’t fit our strict standards.

We look for all the key factors in a tyre to ensure it’s safe and reliable enough for use on the road: such as minimal cracking, damage and wear. So when you have our range of affordable used tyres fitted to your car, you can rest assured you’re getting the best affordable tyres, backed by a guarantee of safety!  

Are used tyres safe?

You can trust Roadrubber tyres to ensure that our used car tyres for sale offer you safety and quality on the roads, these are our highest priorities.

When inspecting your vehicle to match you with used tyres, our team of professionals will offer you the best fit with used tyres that have already been checked multiple times to guarantee your safety. 

Used 4x4 Tyres for Sale

Affordable tyres are not just limited to general purpose use for cars, we’ve also got used 4x4 tyres for sale at our tyre shop in Christchurch. Second hand tyres from Roadrubber tyres come backed by the experience and professionalism of our expert team of specialised tyre fitters and installers. For used 4x4 tyres, you can save your money and avoid losing out on quality with our premium, well-made second hand tyres in Christchurch.

Used Tyres from Leading Brands

Buy used tyres from high quality brands to ensure that you are getting a level of safety and quality that’s built to last a second hand life. The likes of Goodride and Kumho are premium brands that are famously reliable in terms of performance and durability.  We only have used car tyres for sale that offer the assurance of going the distance needed to prove themselves, which is why we stock top quality brands.

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