Used Tyres

Affordable used tyres in Christchurch

Looking for used, affordable tyres in Christchurch? Head down to Roadrubber Tyres, an auto shop with all the experience and professionalism you’d expect from a specialised tyre fitter, installer and expert! The best bit about used tyres is their affordability – budget and mid-range tyres and are from $50, which includes the fitting and balance. For as little as $65 you can have premium, well made and incredibly affordable used tyres fitted to your car. You won’t find a better deal on affordable used tyres anywhere else! So head on down to Roadrubber Tyres, the Christchurch experts in automotive services!

Guaranteed safety

Our range of used tyres are all checked, double checked and triple checked for safety and reliability before they’re even considered for installation on any vehicle. The experienced automotive experts at Roadrubber Tyres know all the signs of wear, tear and baldness on tyres, and will actively seek out and dispose of any tyres that don’t fit our strict standards. We look for all the key factors in a tyre to ensure it’s safe and reliable enough for use on the road: such as minimal cracking, damage and wear. So when you have our range of affordable used tyres fitted to your car, you can rest assured you’re getting the best affordable tyres, backed by a guarantee of safety!  
Professional installing a new tyre
Customer to choose from high  quality brand of tyre

High quality brands

The brands we have on offer in our used tyre range include the likes of Goodride, Kumho – two premium brands famous for reliability, performance and durability. 

Take a ride and hit the road in affordable used tyres today with the team at Roadrubber Tyres, the Christchurch experts in automotive performance and safety! 
Get on the road with our affordable tyres: call 03 348 0626 to get started!
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